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Problem Summary
How do I renew my subscription?
Problem Resolution
There are several ways to renew your subscription. Below is an outline and steps to help guide the user through this process.
Step 1:
Please navigate to your localized Total Defense Home and Home Office Store by clicking on your country:
United StatesAustralia, United Kingdom, Euro Store & New Zealand .
Step 2:
  • Click on Renew subscription (please see screenshot below)
KD Image
  • You can enter your ‘License key’ (or Activation Code) or your ‘email address and password’ (used to purchase via Total Defense ecommerce stores or used to
    register your product)
  • Click on Submit
KD Image
  • Clicking on ‘Submit’ will take you to the shopping cart. Here you can view renewal pricing, order a backup CD, enter coupon code, etc… (see screenshot below)
KD Image
  • Enter your billing information which should match with your credit card information
  • Enter your credit card number and select the expiry date of your credit card
KD Image
  • Enter your e-mail address and create your password which should be 6 characters or more
  • Click on SUBMIT
KD Image
  • Verify your Order Details and click on Submit to complete the order
KD Image
  • If the Order Details are accepted then the order is Complete. You will receive a Confirmation Page and a Confirmation email to your registered Email Address with the Download Link and the License key (Activation Code) renewed.
KD Image
There are alternate ways you can renew. Click Here for more information.
If all the above steps fails and you are not able to renew your subscription, you can Contact us for further assistance (see below).