How to uninstall Total Defense Consumer products?
Applicable Products
General(Or All Products) 2010
Problem Summary
I want to remove some (or all of) Total Defense Internet Security Suite products from my computer. I need step by step instructions on how to uninstall the software.
Problem Resolution
Video demo
Please click on Start and click on Control Panel

Control Panel

Click on Add or Remove Programs
If you are a Vista/Windows 7 user, do one of the following:

– Open up
Programs and Features in the Classic View, or
– Click on
Uninstall a Program under Programs category if you are in the Category view.
Add/Remove Programs
Click on Total Defense Internet Security Suite and click on Remove
(If you are a Vista/Windows7  user, choose Total Defense Internet Security Suite, and click on the Uninstall button).
Click on the Uninstall button
pre-Uninstall screen
Put a check to the left of the products you would like to remove in the box that comes up, and click Uninstall.
Selecting all products as shown below will remove the complete Total Defense Internet Security Suite from your computer.
Select Products to remove
If Total Defense Parental Controls was chosen to be removed, the Uninstallation Wizard will request for the Total Defense Parental Control Administrator password (that you had provided during installation).
Please enter the Total Defense Parental Control Administrator password in the Administrator Password box, and click OK.
Total Defense Parental Controls admin password
The uninstall proceeds
Uninstall Proceeds
Select Restart computer Now and click Complete
Restart after uninstall

Please click here if uninstall was unsuccessful.